Coalition Party of Justice


Our 2013 Slate of Candidates
From Left:  Ed Rusch jr, Trustee, Kathy Svoboda, Clerk, Melanie Kuban, Trustee, Kris Wasowicz, Mayor, Hank Oszakiewski, Trustee

The Coalition Party of Justice (CPOJ)

Let us begin by introducing ourselves. The Coalition Party of Justice (CPOJ) was created by a diverse group of concerned Village residents. The CPOJ members consist of the Friends of Kris Wasowicz, Citizens to re-elect Kathy Svoboda, the United Citizens Party and The Village Voice Committee. These organizations have been extremely active over the years in our community trying to insure a decent place to live, raise our children and eventually enjoy retirement.

Over the last five years, the Village of Justice had experienced some troubling times. Runaway debt, lack of economic vision and arrogant public responses to residents questions; all coupled with a lack of compromise on several controversial issues which has caused a black eye for the community.

In 2011, the Coalition Party of Justice was formed, and the voters elected the four candidates to the open trustee seats on the board.  Since then, we have been able to accomplish the promises we had made and we are now staged to move the Village further ahead. 

For these reasons, and many more, we are asking for your continued confidence by electing our slate of candidates in the April 2013 election.   These individuals will energetically work to

Continue us on the path of    Progress, Service and Balance.

Over the next several weeks we will continue to provide additional information on our website and in our hand delivered newsletters. The literature will present our candidates, our combined goals and answers to many of the tough questions youve probably been thinking about.

Coalition Party of Justice.....
Working to keep your trust in Us
2013 Coalition Party of Justice